Present self being jealous of past self’s post-lunch beverage. But I’m sure past self is jealous too seeing how present self still having her way on the bed. Aye!

Apparently i missed two volumes fml

Due to @princessmilk_ ‘s recommendation, i decided to give Kome House a try. And oh boy, they do deliver a lot. This just so yum, so warm, so ginger-y, so good, so much for a comfort food! I kind of wish the rice was less sticky but it’s okay huhu thank you, darling! We need to go together next time 😊 (at KOME house)

チキンステーキ(*´罒`*) (at Hoka-Hoka Bento Mall Ciputra)

いただきます(º﹃º ) (at Hoka Hoka Bento Citraland Mall)

Overall, it’s very great ;u; everything is flawless and much better than the first one, if it ever possible. I really enjoy the movie! The casts did their job superbly (Saitou’s long legs screwed me from the very beginning. I’m so doomed. And Aoshi’s intense stare isn’t helping). The tone, the scenes, the costumes (there’s a slight disappointment with Oniwabanshu’s but at least Aoshi wore a badass one). I’ll be so looking forward to The Legend Ends ;u; (P.S. I’m really bothered by the Indonesian subtitles smh) (at Blitz Megaplex Central Park)

look what bro gave me 🍫👦

SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD 🐟🐟🐟🐟 // in other hand, i just realized how much of a big deal vscocam’s camera is. so much better than my phone’s camera urgh deffo abusing it from now on 📷📷📷

at Sumoboo - Mall Kota Kasablanka

at Sumoboo - Mall Kota Kasablanka